24 janv. 2012


"When it comes to marketing an African product it's not just about selling units, it's about selling a different image of Africa to consumers.
There is this complex of inferiority that is pervasive in the culture. And I'm not even talking about racism, that's not what I'm talking about. What I am talking about is just groups of people not feeling good enough about themselves; if you don't have the right type of self esteem you go nowhere in this world. 

But self-esteem will also come if enough of us today that are in the age of working, if enough of us can really get together and try and build a different brand for Africa, a brand that all of a sudden means 'contributors to the world,' rather than a subset of a population that's always sucking energy out of others." (Magatte Wade, Senegale Business Woman)

Source: ICI

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